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It would be great if you could set conditional properties for contacts and companies. For instance "if XX property is set to XX, then show XYZ properties in the about view as well". This is needed as we have different types of customers who each have unique properties that don't apply to all. 

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It doesn't even need to be that complicated. Just having the ability to make field X required depending on the value entered into field Y would be enough to build all sorts with.



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Agreed! Currently working with a customer that needs a certain section of her record to appear only if a contact has a specific "lead source".


This would definitely be helpful! The concept of having conditional sections is very appealing to make the fields that show up less cluttered. However, the current options are very limiting and make this feature almost irrelevant. 


I agree, it would be super helpful to have conditional properties as an option especially for company and contact properties. Conditional property fields would only appear in the about section based on how a specific property field has been completed. 


Hi all, I agree! It would be a very useful feature.

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It would be so helpful to see this implemented and allow businesses to further customise records according to their unique needs and workflows.


Just one small example from my company - there is a set of important information that we need to capture from our Canadian customers and prospects that does not apply to any other country. Being able to create a section that is only visible when the country is set to Canada would allow us to tidy up and streamline the info that is displayed in the sidebar. This is just one example of many we have in our business.


Would definitely love to see this - both in terms of:


"If X property has a value then make Y property required" and

"If B selection is made in X property, only display C options in Y property"


It would be great if we could select the properties that can be used to make a section conditional. There are 2 random properties at the Company level that we don't even use and I would love to have the option to pick what properties we can use condition a section to be viewable.


Agree totally essential on all Objects given the excessive reliance on custom objects caused by general HubSpot limitations! Our use case is also very simple ...  if a Contact/Company is in a specific US State (custom-field) or a UK County (also custom-field) then we want to automatically assign them to a designated sales manager and a designated sub-dealer ... and from the designated sub-dealer to have a dropdown of the employee who will be handling the Deal.  This is just one of several frustrating roadblocks we are facing around successfully implementing HubSpot which is linked to its inability to select any Property (including Custom Properties) to make a section conditional. So like with other posts submitted,  we end up with many unneccessary sections and properties cluttering up the sidebars and other areas causing users to get confused as to which properties they need to pay attention to or complete. 


Come on HubSpot - surely it's not rocket science ....  and with a bit of focus from your developers I'm sure you can make a lot of your customers very happy and create a better product. The original post is 16 months old so hopefully you are already well-advanced with a solution ??