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Calculated Fields Rounding (Allow calculated properties to display a whole number)

The current behavior for calculated properties is to round to two (or more) decimal places. It would be helpful to instead allow results to be rounded to the nearest whole number (an integer) – instead of two decimal places. Even better would be to either round or adjust decimal places up or down like in Excel.


This would allow more flexibility when presenting data as a Report in a Dashboard. Usually in a chart or other visualization showing accuracy down to .01 is unnecessary.


Stated differently, please add the ability to adjust calculated properties to either display a whole number or precisely specify the number of decimal places.

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Being Reviewed
June 01, 2022 01:11 PM

Hi folks,

I’m Shay, the Product Manager for HubSpot’s Properties.

Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. I'm happy to report that we have reviewed this idea and currently researching how our team will implement it!  

The product development process is always filled with unexpected bumps and hurdles, so I can't give a timeline, but I am confident in saying we'll deliver this feature as soon as possible.


All updates will be relayed on this thread, so stay tuned!



Being Reviewed
December 02, 2020 10:13 AM

Hi all, I'm Jeff from the HubSpot product team.


Thanks for this feedback. Improving calculation property functionality is under consideration for upcoming roadmap. No definite timetable or changes yet, but please keep the upvotes and use cases coming. It helps with designing a solution and prioritizing.




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This is a needed function to configure roundups after the . or , 


Will this be fixed ? Its a nigthmare for our SalesTeam


Great news HS are looking into this, reading other related posts, could combibe the other requests to allow users/admins to select how many decimal places the number is rounded up to please?


Is there an update on this?


Product team at HUBSPOT. We really need this specially now that customized objects are being widely deployed. Not rounded numbers in calculated properties really shows the data results in an ugly format and causes mistakes. Thank you.


Hi Hubspot - after 4 years and 222 votes, hope you guys do something about it soon!


Please we need this


We're currently getting 5 or more decimal places in the results of a calculated property.  Being able to control the rounding is a much needed feature.