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Bulk Form Edit

It would be great if there could be a way developed to 'bulk edit' forms. For example, we recently had someone leave the company who was attached to many of our forms (and yes, there is a danger in adding a person vs. a distribution inbox - this was added prior to my team's arrival at the company) and now we have to go through each form to make edits, one-by-one. 

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We have just had the same thing happen. We have close to 70 forms and I don't know which of those the former employee was included on, not to mention any workflow notifications he may have been added to. Going through all of these is an extremely tedious process. 


Customer request: It would also be awesome to be able to bulk edit these options for all forms as well. Thanks Team!




wanting to bulk add Hidden Fields to each of our forms for data collection/reporting purposes, would be very helpful to be able to add in bulk as it is the same two fields with the same settings that I'll be needing to add one by one across 400 forms. 



Hi! I would like to edit as well to block email providers as well. Thanks!


Agree with @ZNicholson24 I'm in the same scenario - wanting to bulk add hidden fields but having to go through them one by one manually is time-consuming and tedious.  It also makes finding these contacts in lists very tricky, as the form submission criteria is only built to select one form at a time.