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Arabic Language Support

Can we have Arabic language support for Hubspot? Smiley Happy

I can deal with employees who speak nothing but Arabic and still use Hubspot, and It wouldn't be much of a problem if some of the features Hubspot provides would allow customization like NPS survey questions or Hubspot email reminders for meetings, to name a few, at least I can then rewrite everything in Arabic.


However, these aren't possible to change, and we're stuck with the languages Hubspot supports, and most of our clients only speak Arabic. It makes no sense to send an NPS survey to someone who can't read what it says for example! Smiley Sad

So can we at least have some Arabic support in the pipeline? 

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This would be extremely helpful for me as well, we have a number of clients whose first language is Arabic, being able to offer client care in their own language would be a benefit.


we extermely need this


It has been more than 2 years, and yet there is no Arabic Language support.


I wish to support the Arabic language because there are companies and clients who cannot speak the English language. For example, I need support in the Arabic language for my project so that I can provide the service to customers in the fullest way.