Approval Process for Social Media Posts (with Notifications)

HubSpot needs to have an approval process for Social Posts that send notifications for post approval to authorized users.

  1. User A drafts a post and submits it for approval
  2. User B gets a notification (email, slack, push, sms etc) that an approval is pending
  3. User B can approve or deny post
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Agree with the above. To repeat what was discussed from the previous thread...


We would like a notification feature. For example:

  1. The person who drafted the social receives a notification when it's been approved
  2. When the social is drafted, the reviewer receives a notification that it's in there for review

We have a unique situation here because compliance reviews all of our posts before they are released to the masses but we really need a straightforward system w/ notifications setup, like a workflow.


As for notifications:

Instead of having to email colleagues that a post is available for review, I much rather have it all in HubSpot as a workflow instead of having to remember to email folks to review, etc. You could also give your users the option of turning on notifications or not, and the frequency, so then it's up to your clients to decide what works best for them, because there definitely isn't a one size fits all when it comes to how businesses run. For example, we don't have tons of social here like probably some of your other clients, but we would like to up our cadence to 10-ish posts per week. 


For notifications, ideally:

  • Drafter creates the post and selects the user(s) that should be notified that it is ready for review, and a notification is sent to the reviewer(s) (I made it plural because someone could be out of the office and you may not know). Would be great if this was a "sticky" field so it just kept the reviewers names in there for future, or you could set a default.
  • Reviewer approves the post and the drafter receives notification that it's been approved OR sent back for editing, with a field to leave comments on what the issue is and why it's not approved.

I think a lot of us want a one-stop shop using HubSpot, so if notifications can be turned on here or more of a workflow structure, that would be really perfect.


We have tested HubSpot social but the way it's setup right now doesn't necessarily work for my compliance team.


Regarding the below mockup:

  1. What would be the order in which the posts would appear? Thinking the "publish date and time" should appear in this view so the reviewer knows what's a top priority for approval???
  2. When the reviewer clicks on a post, is that where they see the post in its entirety with more detail - like the 4 images that show for the second post, the video, publish date/time, etc.? Guessing that's where they could click "approve" and it publishs on the day/time or "not approved" w/ their reasoning and it sits in queue for the creator to edit (if that functionality would be available).
  3. Using this example, where it says "Review drafts" would that be where you could see all 6 posts?
  4. Some of your users may prefer "There are social posts that need your review" (instead of staying approval - either works for us).


Mockup Cropped.png

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Yes please! Would cut out a ton of expenses using anoter social posting application.

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Please add this feature!


Why is this not a thing? I really need it as I am managing a team's worth of content and it is clustered in many different spaces...


This is a feature that is absolutely neccesary to fully use HubSpot for Social Media publishing. With larger teams, it is not efficiant to plan and schedule in another program then move the posts to HubSpot. It would make it a more valuable platform to your subscribers. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Being Reviewed
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@jacquimalis what exactly does "being reviewed mean" this feature was already approved and "delivered" from another idea, Social Media Post Approval Process or Workflow which gave us the almost useless "draft only" social media user permission from over 3 years ago. This feature is long overdue is there any update or ETA that you can give us?  

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
Hi everyone, 
My name is Jacqui and I am the product manager of social. I wanted to reach out regarding the update to this idea being marked as "being review." Thank you to everyone who has upvoted this idea, shared your use cases, and added your thoughts and opinions over the past several years. We are currently implenting some technical changes that will allow for this feature idea to come to life in the future. 
The ideas forum is one of many channels through which we receive feedback at HubSpot in conjunction with a number of other sources, including user testing, and in app-feedback. As you can imagine, the amount of feedback we get across all feedback channels is massive, so while ideas are very critical, they are a piece of the data that we consider when prioritizing new features.
Please know that we are here and are listening in the ideas forum, and most importantly we would like to say thank you for your feedback and patience with this feature.