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Add Columns to Task Tool


It would be great if we could add columns to the tasks view so that when for example you see all your daily telephone calls the mobile and normal phone nos could be displayed in the next column. Then from there one click on the phone number and a quick call.


Likewise for emails.

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July 31, 2017 06:36 AM

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When I look at daily tasks I would love to see a column showing the state. I am on the east cost so when I start my day time zone is very important. I have over a hundred calls every day and manually clicking each oen the see what state they are in is taking up a ton of unessacary time. PLEASE ALLOW ME TO ADD STATE COLUMN IN TASK VIEW!!!! 🙂


It looks like the Tasks table right now is independent of the Contact records. It would be very helpful for HubSpot to join the "Assigned To" (the contact record) for each task to the Contacts table, so when the email addresses align you can add columns such as the sequence currently enrolled in, state, email/phone, etc. It would save users a lot of time who work across different regions.


When you create a task you can associate with a contact AND a company. But in the list of all your tasks, it only displays the Contacts but not the Company. And you can't add that column to the list. It's a simple fix..let us add columns to the Tasks list.


The limitations I'm finding in Hubspot are so frustrating!


I would like to see a "Que" column in task view. This way I can see if I have them assigned already to a que without having to actually go to the que to see. Or a filter could work too. I can filter out the tasks I have not put into a que so they do not get missed. I really like the que process because I can focus and get the tasks done quickly, but if I forget to put them in the que, they can get missed or at least delayed.




It would be VERY helpful if Hubspot would design the TASKS dashboard so we could add a few columns, allowing us to add flexibility and view to various important information when viewing the task. To start I'd like to have a State and/or a City Column. This would save us lots of work, reducing the number of times we need to click back and forth between Tasks and Contacts as we try to remember data about the contact. 


this would be very usefull. With that feature we can stop using Trello.


I'd like to see a "Date Task Created" field appear so that when I am following up a call back in a few weeks task, for example, I can immediately reference the precise date we spoke.


2nded for adding additional company / contact columns so that I can further prioritize or filter within my tasks.  Very useful if tasks are being created via inbound sales funnel. 


Dear Hubspot, please implement this. We have workflows that create tasks for specific people and some of those tasks require that specific person coordinating with the contact owner. Or sometimes they need to create a list based on contact owner ... or company ... or geography. We would LOVE to be able to utilize other columns availble from the contact. Please work on this. Thanks!


This has to happen! It would create such a powerful effect when it comes to organization of tasks and calls throughout the day. 


Yes to this! One vote (or many votes, from our whole sales org) on adding the State/Region to the task list so we can call based on time zones and be more efficient. Hubspot, we would love this! 


Would be very useful to have other possibilities in the columns, just like contacts 😉


I agree with all of these very good reasons to add the ability to add edit and/or add columns in tasking!  We too, work across multiple time zones and have to click back and forth to the ticket to see if it is time to call the customer - we have support people helping the ticket owner that would also benifit having other details noted in task.