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So when you turn on AMP for your pages, your Google Tag Manager script gets wiped out. If you rely on this for your organization's analytics needs, this is hugely problematic. GTM implemented an AMP container recently that leverages the analytics module within AMP. Without having this capibility, or the ability to do any sort of advanced edits on the AMP rendering, I cannot use the AMP feature.

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Really hepful!

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Has anyone found a way to edit AMP pages within HubSpot so we can add analytics to the pages?

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I also use a custom GA tracking code (like displayfeatures and linker plugin) so we cannot use the Integration GA option in the COS settings.


I have AMP enabled and there is not tracking for AMP. I tried talking with support and they didn't help. They pointed me here.


I think the Blog -> Google AMP section should have a "Integration with Google Analytics" option added. This would allow the GA code to track the AMP correctly. 

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 Same problem occured. I have added AMP GTM codes to <head> <footer> and <body> but GA doesn't see AMP visits. Has anyone now to fix? Hubspot support?

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Much needed! Specially for those customers of ours that track everything in rely GTM and view that as their single source of truth.

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I ended up disabling the AMP all together and wrote my own AMP so I could do the tracking I needed.