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Upcoming: Changes to the delay on Workflows API stats

Beginning on September 26th, we'll be adjusting the delay on some of the list count stats for the Workflows API.


What's changing?

Some of the list counts returned for workflows will be delayed by up to 12 hours.


This change will only affect the get workflow endpoint (GET /automation/v3/workflows/:workflowId) in the Workflows API, and only when the endpoint is called using the stats=true query parameter to get the additional stats.


This change will affect some of the count fields in the contactListCounts in the metaData of the response.


The following fields will be delayed by about 12 hours:

  • completedListCount
  • succeededListCount
  • startingListCount

The other fields will not be affected and will continue to be updated within 10 minutes:

  • enrolledListCount
  • activeListCount

No changes will be made to the stats included with the endpoint to get all workflows(GET /automation/v3/workflows), or any of the other endpoints for the Workflows API. No changes are being made to the structure of the response data or the other functionality of the API.


When is this happening?

This change will go into effect September 26th.


Please let us know if you have any questions by replying below.

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