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September 2023 Rollup

The text below is copied from the developer changelog for convenience, if there is any part of it that differs from the official changelog announcement, that takes precedent over this post.

At Inbound 2023 we announced a lot of changes across the HubSpot product. For an overview of our roadmap and to see what was announced see While we announced a lot at INBOUND there's more updates this month from hiding default modules, to custom app marketplace URLs, to UI Extension sample projects.

Developer Updates for September 2023

Ability to hide all HubSpot default modules in themes

Developers can now filter out all default modules at once using hide_all_default_modules: true in their theme.json file. This makes it easier to prevent content creator confusion as to whether a module will fit the design of their site.

Providers can now submit URL path (slug) updates for app and template marketplace listings

Providers in our App Marketplace now have the ability to change their URL Path in their app listing without the need for submitting a support ticket to HubSpot. Submissions with updated URLS will still be reviewed by the marketplace team per our standard operations.


3 New Sample Projects in our UI Extensions GitHub Repo

We have added 3 new sample projects in our GitHub Repo for UI Extensions:

  • Deals Summary: This tutorial will help developers get up to speed with React based UI extensions in the HubSpot CRM. They'll install a project containing a CRM card with two components. Then they follow the steps to add one more component to the card.
  • Quote Generator: This example uses a fictitious Shuttle Bus Rental Service. The sample allows a salesperson to quickly determine which of the company’s services match the customer’s requirements. This example uses HubSpot quotes, but it adds a custom UI inside the CRM so that users can quickly and intuitively create specialized quotes with a lower margin for error than using the full featured quote tool.
  • Company Proximity Navigator: This example uses a fictitious IT services company. Company proximity information appears in the custom middle pane tab of a company record. It contains two CRM cards that help salespeople identify companies they might want to plan to visit along with a trip to the company they’re currently viewing.


New Contact Lifecycle Stage Properties Available

HubSpot accounts will now have access to four (4) new HubSpot-defined Contact properties to track the progression of a Contact as it moves through lifecycle stages:

  • Date entered {stage id}
  • Date exited {stage id}
  • Latest time in {stage id}
  • Cumulative time in {stage id}

You'll be able to use these new properties in both reporting and workflows and see their history. These properties will also be available for custom lifecycle stages.

Public Betas

If you are interested in learning more and gaining access to any of the following betas, you may visit the Product Updates > Early Access > Betas section within your account settings.


Account Activity API Exposes User Activity from Centralized Audit Log

A new beta feature is available for those with an Enterprise tier hub subscription and Super Admin role: a centralized audit log of user account activity accessible through the Account Activity API. 

Audit Logs Endpoint: GET

Example of Audit Log response:


The functionality provides the ability to review historical data of user actions taken across your HubSpot account via the Account Activity API. To participate in the beta, navigate to your account name in the upper right-hand corner of your HubSpot account. From there, select the Product Updates option, go to the Early Access section, and click Betas. To opt-in, click Join beta next to the Centralized audit log of user actions. 
The user activity logs provide details of a HubSpot account user's login history, security activity, and other user action activities. Further information regarding this feature can be found in the Endpoints tab of the Account Activity API documentation

Questions or comments? Join us below.

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