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Making a developer test account 'Live'



If I'm posting this in the wrong place, or this answer is well known, then please forgive me. 




1. A client has a current hubspot account (so far so good). 


2. It needs to talk to a new ERP system which it currently doesn't and it would take far too long to reverse engineer everything in the current live account, i'd also risk breaking things while people are trying to work in it. It's therefore best to 'start again' in a new hubspot which is clean and has been built from the ground up to talk to the other systems seemlessly.


3. There must be minimal (i.e. only hours) of downtime.


4. In other systems I've worked in, I've been able to use a sandbox/developer account to create a 'standard build' (with all the workflows, fields and tables etc. but no contact or company data), then clone this into multiple accounts to see how it reacts with multiple different datasets and api's feeding into it to ensure it works. 


Once i've established a working iteration, i've then been able to migrate this 'build' across to a live account, before hooking it up to the other data sources. Though, from what I've read this isn't possible with hubspot (but I can live with that just about).


What I can't afford to do is build a perfectly functioning dev test account (which will take weeks) and then wipe the current live account before rebuilding the live account based on the dev account which I know works (still taking days if not weeks).




The simplest solution would be for me to build in a dev environment, and then seemlessly make that build the live account when it's ready (if hubspot can do that?) thus there'd be no downtime in the current live account. 




Create the new iteration in a dev account. When it's finished, wipe the live account, and then migrate the dev account across to make it live.


Any suggestions would be very welcome.

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Making a developer test account 'Live'

Hey! It sounds like you might want to leverage the HubSpot to HubSpot migrator as this can help with part of the solution you need. As you may well know, HubSpot currently doesn't have a native Sandbox to Production push but this is basically the next best thing. Read more about it here:


Let me know if you have questions about how it works. We use it all the time for this kind of thing.

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Making a developer test account 'Live'

Hi there,


I'm very interested in this, I'll give it a go and then let you know if it achieves what i need. 


Thank you.

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Making a developer test account 'Live'

Hi, there! If your client has an Enterprise portal, they'll have access to a Sandbox account


If not, you'll need to create a Developer Test Account from your App Developer Account. This option can't sync a production portal's data and will need to be set up manually with test data, workflows, etc.





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