Trigger webhook when Deal associations changes

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Is actually possible to trigger a Webhook when a Deal associations is changing?

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Hi @Zikoel,


I hope all is well with you 😄


When looking to trigger a webhook when a deal association change, this would only be possible for a contact association because when a contact is associated with a deal, the default deal property - Number of contacts will be updated automatically and so we can tap on this property by subscribing to the following event:

num_associated_contacts changed


For association with companies/tickets, this is currently not possible. Though one manual way that I'd love to share with you is to create two custom deal properties so that whenever a company/ticket association is made/remove, the user will have to manually update/remove the custom deal properties value. In this case, you can set the webhook event subscription to listen to the custom deal properties.


I hope this helps to clarify!