Hubspot Contact Activity screen Email Clicks not matching API results


I am currently using email event version 1 API to get email clicks, open and delivered events within a certain time frame.  I am getting back from the API marketing email clicks for a certain contact but when I go to Husbpot Contact Activity I don't see the email clicks listed.  This happen to be activity occuring 1 day ago.  My questions are:

(1)  Why doesn't Huspot shows the marketing emails clicks that the Email Event API is indicating that those clicks event occurred?
(2) On Hubspot Contact Activity screen, I can click on the Marketing email and it will take me to a screen showing statistics about user interactions for that Marketing email.  If I click on the tab receipient and enter the email address in the search it also doesn't indicate a click event ever occurred between this contact and this email campained.
Has anyone seen this?  Is this a bug?
(3) on the Contact activity, can the activity be removed by user?  Or does the activity will auto purge after a certain amount of time?  If purge I can view all in history?

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@Bryantworks , any chance you could help out here?



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