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Deals Vs. Products

Hello there,
We're new to HubSpot.
We were able to create products, Associate them with deals by line_items, and associate Deals with companies using the API.
1# In the Deals UI, there is no association label with the line_items or Products. To get to Products, we have to click on each line_item, then click get the Product information. 
#2 The product information can only be searched | or filtered as text by the default fields. For example, we cannot search price by range (=< >).
If we missed something, please let us know.
If all correct? When would we use products instead of  Deals? 
In Deals, we can create all the product's custom fields and can search & filter.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Deals Vs. Products

Hey, @Kabaja 👋 Quick question to help clarify — are you asking about in-app options for searching? Or via the API? You mention both, but it sounds like your question is related to in-app options. Adding more details can help the community better understand if and how they can help you. — Jaycee


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