CRM Search API Rate Limit Increase

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What’s happening

We are truly committed to listening to our developer community and improving our developer experience. 


We recently launched the CRM Search API with a rate limit of one request per second and per authentication token. After listening to recent user feedback, we learned that this low rate limit was a significant pain point for developers, especially when searching across multiple objects requiring multiple queries.  


Based on this feedback, we’re taking a tiered approach and increasing the rate limit to four requests per second and per authentication token. We have updated our API documentation to reflect this change here (under the ‘Limitations’ section) and here (under the ‘Other Limits’ section). 


We’d like to thank our developer community—your feedback has helped us refine our functionality to create this big win for developers! Changes like this are part of our ongoing effort to create the next generation of HubSpot's APIs and improve developer experience.


When is this happening?

This change is effective immediately.


If you have any questions or concerns, please join the discussion here. 

Rahmona Henry

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