Announcement: Secondary Email API now in Developer Preview

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What’s Happening


Today we are releasing a new API for secondary email addresses. You can read more about how secondary emails work in this article. Please note that this API is part of our developer preview program, and you should consider this a non-stable release that will be subject to bugs and breaking changes while under development. Please take this into account as you build against a release. For updates on the status of the developer preview, please subscribe to our changelog.


Why are we doing this


Secondary email addresses are used when a single individual has more than one email address. For example, a contact may have given you both their personal and business email addresses. With this API you can attach both addresses to the same contact record.


When is this happening?


This is now live, and available for everyone. Documentation for this new API is accessible here.


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New Contributor

This functionality addresses a HUGE pain point we've had with our SF integration in the past, I'm extremely pleased to see this announcement! These api methods will finally offer us a solution to what had previously been a major dealbreaking and intractable issue with syncing contacts with multiple emails between SF and HS.


Will be trying to put the new API options to use in the next few weeks so should be able to provide feedback on how that goes.

Regular Contributor

Will this provide me the option to choose which email address I can send marketing emails to? Previously, I have had to use a workflow to switch emails around and this has resulted in duplicate contacts