API call logs available for API key users

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A complete log of API calls made by an account can be a vital resource for developers. This is especially true when just getting started or trying to troubleshoot an issue.  However, until now, HubSpot has only been providing logs of API calls to developers who used OAuth. Now, regardless of which authentication method you choose, you can see what calls have been made, and HubSpot’s responses to those calls. 


What’s happening

In any account that has made API calls, Super Admins can now see the last 7 days of API calls made by accessing their API key.  To make finding the relevant API calls easier, you can filter by:

  • Date the API call was made
  • Response code type
  • Request method
  • Endpoint called

When is this happening

This change is now live


If you have any questions please join the discussion here.

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Hi there,

This is a great update. It was one of the first few items to I looked for when we were doing a proof of concept on Hubspot from the old CRM. Thank you for implementing - it has great indepth insight.



Please add an export button to export the api logs. its not really helpfull when there are thousands of calls.


I second the export function, ideally im keen for IP address, user-agent etc included


How do you turn on the  request/response recording for the call details?  I am getting "No headers were recorded for this request"/ No body was recorded for this request." /  "No headers were recorded for this response." / "No body was recorded for this response."