Building a custom script for the Call Queue


Hey everybody,


1) I need to set up a customised call script for incoming calls. So when i create a new contact, the call script comes up and has field where i can enter customer's details in. (see photo)


2) Need to be able to easily copy particular information from a contact and send it to another email. Closest i've got to doing this is setting up a template with contact tokens (which this works perfectly) however i can only email this to that contact - I need to be able to email these details to a different email address.



this is how i need it to bethis is how i need it to be

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @robycompare ull details of HubSpot's public APIs can be found here:


We have a forum dedicated to API questions ran by our community of HubSpot engineers and partner developers who are building custom solutions. Check it out here