Can' Reply to Shopify Inbound Contact Us Emails




I understand what the issue is but not what the solution is...


1) On G Suite: I have created a group email which is info@

2) Shopify Contact Us emails and Order emails are sent to this email

3) I have configured this email in Conversations Inbox on Hubspot by adding a G-Suite Group email

4) I am receiving order and contact us emails but if I reply to them, the receiver does not receive the email and instead, I automatically receive the reply in Hubspot, underneath the email I sent.


Instead of being sent to the Shopify servers who then redirect the email to the email that the customer used, the email is being sent to me.


Any help would be appreciated.


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I've noticed that when receiving these Contact Us emails from Shopify in Gmail, if I reply to them there is a 'reply-to' field which is populated with the user's email address. Is this 'reply-to' a feature of HubSpot Inbox? This way I wouldn't be replying to myself.



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Hey @Swaartbaard,


Have you considered creating contacts for the customer emails coming in and then emailing through the contact record? The only other option would be to manually cc the contact into the email thread from the inbox tool (which may not be the most professional formatting). 


Because you can't change the recipient from the inbox tool, I think creating contact records would be your best bet.


Hi @Anonymous,


Thank you for the suggestions.


Creating a contact each time might work... although it'll be a little intensive and definitely not perfect. I'll give it a go though.


I tried the cc option but you need to add their email into cc for every reply for the entire duration of the conversation, which wouldn't be ideal.


Be solution would be if we could adjust the to field on Inbox or have the option to 'reply-to'.