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Special HubFans Event: Power of Inclusion

Hey HubFans!


Wanted to invite you to a small virtual event we are holding in early November. 


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November 2nd, we are hosting Paralympian Carly as she shares the power of inclusion. 


Learn about my "zero to hero" sporting journey, which took me from the couch and placed me on to the 100m starting line at the 2016 Rio Paralympics in the space of four years. Discover how I leveraged years of prejudice, a lack of self-esteem, and the people around me to fulfill a dream.

We'll be exploring how the removal of systemic barriers and positive inclusion play a part in altering your self-belief, creating opportunities, improving goal setting, and building an engaged and responsive team or workplace. I will do this by sharing my story as someone who grew up surrounded by life-limiting narratives and bad habits.

I’ll also deepen your understanding of prejudice and ableism while giving you the tools to execute your goals through the power of small margins.


Seats are limited so if you are interested, reserve your seat here.


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