Contact getting incorrectly associated with Company


My application is integrated with Segment through which contacts and companies are created in Hubspot. (using identify and group calls in Segment)


Although I have the option to automatically associate contacts and companies disabled, Hubspot is updating earlier contacts with a newly created company on its own. The older contact only shows "Hubspot Calcucation" update in property history. Please note that the older contact has a different email domain from the newly created company. Also I have made sure that there is no incorrect association call going out from Segment.


I am not able to figure out what is wrong. What can I be missing? 

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Hi @RashmiDixit ,

This should not happen if you have switched off the toggle for automatically associating contacts and companies. Would you mind going through this article once and trying it again?
If the same problem persists, then I suggest you ask for support’s help.
Because they can access your portal and can have a closer look into your problem. Here is a small video demonstrating how to reach out to support

Hope this helps!
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