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    • We raise money for hedge fund managers. We create a new list for each project. The sales cycle might be 6 to 18 months with monthly contact (monthly performance data). Can someone help me understand what happens when a contact unsubscribes from one of those mailings? What does it look like from their point of view? It seems like I might be unable to send other mailings they DO wish to receive when they unsubscribe from one list they are no lon more
    • Hello! I'm trying to figure out a way to recognize when an existing customer comes in as a 'new lead' by leveraging the email domain they use. For example, let's say Company ABC is a customer and we have many contacts in our database that we work with, but someone not in our database comes in using the same email domain; via webinar or whitepaper download, etc. Is there a way to automatically associate th more
    • Hi team, I'm farly new using HubSpot and I have been exploring the reporting functonality. I have some custom reports built but none close to what I would like to see. Basically I would like to create a Report where I can see the total amount of Deliveries but also the percentage of open rate and click rates for specific periods. I have a performance chart that includes Click Rate and Open Rate but not deliveries, and it doesn't let me ch more
    • Hi, I was building a sequenece and I saw these two options: internal email notification vs. internal marketing email What is the different bewteen the two? Thank you! more
    • Bad storytelling can ruin even the best content strategy and dissuade customers. To ensure you tell a good story, you must first understand the mind of your audience and the customers that will be reading your work. The first stage in this decision-making process is the Awareness stage. The customer is attracted to your ideas when you initially drop it and wants to know more. This stage is amplified by an eye-catching and emotionally appeali more

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KLack on September 27, 2022
I am having issues incorporating a custom Social Sharing Module into my drag-and-drop email. I have the module roughly built and can drag it into my email template, but the icons are all left aligned, and I am having an impossible time getting them read more
vkhabar on September 27, 2022
Hello there, It seems like the beta version of the scheduling tool doesn't choose accounts by default like it used to in the previous version. Now I have to choose my 3 default accounts every time I schedule a post, and it's an extra step that I read more
hubspotter594 on September 27, 2022
Hi all I'd like to recreate a data extension that is currently between SAP Customer Data Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud . I cannot see any 'of-the-shelf' direct data syncs in the App Marketplace not can I see any connectors from with read more
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mprofile on September 27, 2022
Okay, the scenario is as follows: We are organizing a webinar week with at least 24 webinars People can register to attend all the webinars they like via one Form that has a contact property (list) where they can multi select from the list of all read more
Hall of Famer | Partner
September 27, 2022
Hi @mprofile , Are you sure that this is an issue that originates in HubSpot? Single- and multi-line-text fields have a limit of 65k more
MGalime on September 27, 2022
Hi Everyone- I set up a workflow that collects people who have filled out a form, they get added to a list, tagged with a property, and an autorepond email with the information they signed up for gets sent. Current stats from my landing page sa read more
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September 27, 2022
One additional thought - once they fill out the form and you set them as a marketing contact, you can also add a delay of 1 minute if there are more
TMyatNoe on September 27, 2022
Hello, I've connected four Facebook pages to HubSpot and want to see the details reports of each page such as engagement, and click rates on my dashboard separately. How can I achieve this? Please enlighten me. Thanks in advance.
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Recognized Expert | Elite Partner
September 27, 2022
@TMyatNoe when you go to your social tool and look at the "analyze" tab, you can choose which accounts you analyze. In this screen, it's not more