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    • Hi all I am looking for a way to report on the number of time a contact has enquired with us during a period. We would likely be doing monthly periods. I would like this a total number, but then also broken down by source. We judge our advertising channels by the number of contacts they bring in, but we want to also use the number of times that someone has enquired with us total (whether new or existing) to ensure we are getting the full ...Beitrag ansehen
    • Hello! I've been trying multiple times, but I need some help figuring out how to connect Google Analytics to HubSpot, if possible. The goal is to track revenue for each email. Unfortunately, our website isn't and won't be linked to HubSpot anytime soon. Right now, I'm manually downloading HubSpot emails and exporting them to Excel. Then, I have to extract certain fields in GA4 to match up HubSpot IDs with revenue, which takes ...Beitrag ansehen
    • Hello everyone. I work at a speaker booking agency called Keynote Speaker and we are in the process of completely overhauling all of our marketing and business automations. I was told by my boss to research Hubspot to see if this would be one of the approate tools or platforms we use to manage our business. The main challenge with our business is that in a sense, even though we are one business, we are actually hundreds of businesses because we ...Beitrag ansehen
    • We get a huge amount of automatic responses from our email campaigns. Some of them are ooO but others are left-company type of messages. Is there any plugin or way to auto-track this in the system and trigger some automatic property updates to the CRM? ...Beitrag ansehen
    • Hello! One main question and a couple of related ones below... 1. I would like to create an email/CRM hygiene dashboard that includes a report (table) showing contacts that have been sent email that wasn't delivered, either because they unsubscribed, their marketing contact status is off, or they've bounced. (And maybe even separate reports for each of those use cases.) Is there a way to do this in the reporting tools? Something like: ...Beitrag ansehen

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PamCotton on Februar 29, 2024
Hey Community After an insightful exploration of optimizing the middle column of CRM records in our last challenge , it's time to dive deeper into the realm of workflows. Whether you're a pro or just getting started, there's Beitrag ansehen
März 22, 2024
Hi @JWronski , apologies for the late follow up here & thank you for your comment! 🙏 Is there something that's costing you a lot of tim...Beitrag ansehen
AlleOtti on April 13, 2024
Hi folks, i've created a TEST FORM and filled-in 3 times the same test-email: "" with different names, I expected only one to be recorded, instead i found it 3 times.... ...but i dont wanna someone recive 2 or more Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
April 13, 2024
Ok, sorry, i was impulsive, the FORMs list colllect infinite times the same email address, BUT the contact list record only one time, so it's all f...Beitrag ansehen
thoang7 on April 13, 2024
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