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Simple question about gravity forms

Hi! I connected a gravity form with a radio button question field that asks users to pick one answer…..How do I create that as a property in Hub spot and set it to display which answer was selected?   Specifically, the gravity form asks if respondents live in one of 8 different areas, and I want my Hubspot  contact list  to show a column named “Area” that displays each contact’s selected answer to that question (and the ability to segment and target my list based on their reply).  Thanks!

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Key Advisor | Gold Partner
Key Advisor | Gold Partner

Simple question about gravity forms

Hi @LHaviv 


You need to make sure your HubSpot Property is also a Radio Select and that your field values and labels are exactly the same in your form and HubSpot.


Personally I would install the HubSpot Plugin for WordPress and use HubSpot Forms in your pages.


Alternatively, have you checked out Gravity Form's HubSpot Integration


Have fun