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Cleaning Your CRM with HubSpot Workflows

Maintaining a clean database is key to growing a business, because you get valuable insight on your leads and customers so you can provide an engaging and delightful experience.


So, how do you ensure your CRM is always up-to-date and populated with the most actionable information? Workflows!


Workflows are the automation engine in HubSpot. They save you time and energy by taking care of repetitive tasks, such as sending emails, creating reminders for reps, updating CRM data, and more. They remove manual work off of your employees' plates, so your employees' more time can be dedicated to marketing, selling, and servicing your customers.


The best part is that once they're turned on, they work 24/7 to make your job easier. Here are some of HubSpot’s favorite workflows to keep a CRM and it’s data clean.


Are you already using variations of these workflows? Sound off below which workflows you use to keep your data clean!

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