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feature ideas from 1st time user in Europe


i am using Hubspot Sales for the first time, i'm based in Europe. I have a number of feature requests based on my early experience. Feedback on whether this can be made possible on the free or Starter plan would be welcome.


  1. Be able to change the default currency to Euro in the free plan. Currently, this appears impossible, which makes the free version difficult to use for us in Europe (all deals and quotes are in USD). Seems unfair that there is a good working free version for the USA but not for us in Europe. 

  2. Add more options for adding European phone numbers to call from. I am in the Netherlands and am unable to add this number, because it is not in your list of countries for adding a 'from' call number. 
  3. We should be able to delete the Unsubscribe/Manage Preferences links in the footer of marketing emails. Many of us prefer to send emails that look like a personal one-on-one email. This makes that impossible.

  4. On the free or starter marketing plan, be able to send automatic followup emails when there is no reply after sending a bulk marketing email + also after individual emails (so not just making a task to followup, but option for sending an automatic followup email). Currently, this seems only possible with sequences, which are a part of the very expensive Professional plans. However, a simple followup email on no reply is a basic functionality for us.

  5. Make available product lines as part of the sales starter plan

  6. Make it possible to place calls on your own mobile with your own mobile plan, by pressing 'call contact' in the web interface. Currently, this is possible via the mobile app, which is great. But, it does take a lot of time. When i've determined i want to call someone in the web interface on PC, i then need to find the contact on my mobile app, and call that person. It would be great if pressing 'call' in the web interface, could trigger a call being made on my Android or iOS device, with my own mobile plan, with the possibility of then logging the call, just like when i press 'call' in the mobile app. 

  7. Include a warmup possibility as part of marketing emails (like Smartreach)

  8. For the Outlook addin: Currently there is an option to turn on or off by default logging and tracking of emails. It would be VERY handy if tracking and logging could be set on by default ONLY for emails from/to people that are already in the Hubspot contacts list, and off for other contacts. It would also be useful if we could set logging/tracking to be off/on by default for specific 'from' sending email address(es) in Outlook.