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Yahoo Account Recovery

The method to recover dead Yahoo account on PC is quite simple and short. It is almost like a normal login process. The point to remember is that one can regain access to a dead Yahoo! account within 90 days after deleting a Yahoo mail account.

If the period of deletion of your Yahoo account does not exceed 90 days, you should consider the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Yahoo login window.
  • Enter your old Yahoo! email address and click Next.
  • Now enter your password.
  • Insert the CAPTCHA to check if Yahoo asks for it.
  • Yahoo may ask you to enter your yahoo account recovery phone number or an alternate email address to confirm your identity.
  • If your Yahoo account still exists on the Yahoo server, a pop-up window will appear showing you a message "Reactivate your Yahoo! account." Click on the Reactivate tab.
  • Once you recover your deactivated Yahoo! mail account, change your Yahoo password to stay safe from mail hacking.
  • If your account does not exist on the Yahoo server, you will receive a message that your Yahoo account is deactivated and cannot be recovered.
  • The same process you can try to recover the deactivated Yahoo account on the phone.
  • If your Yahoo! account has been dead for more than 365 days, you must call to check with Yahoo customer service to recover your deactivated Yahoo!
  • The Yahoo representative can bring your dead Yahoo account to life in 24 hours.