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What happened to Prospects?

Why does HubSpot no longer track pages visited on a company level in the Prospects tools? That was one of the most valuable parts of the Sales platform, and without that tool I am less likely to recommend Sales to one of our clients. I will send them to Leadlander instead - as they are still offering this information.


HubSpot could easily work around the GDPR but it appears that they are more interested in internal ease then building a product that continues to fulfill the needs of customers. This is the second time in two years (technically the third, if you count the Events beta that never worked right) that HubSpot has stripped down the Prospects tool. Why is HubSpot so against smart prospecting? Are they trying to push sales back into the cold-calling dark ages for new customer prospecting?

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Wouldn't it be good to revamp the Prosoect tool with the introduction of Target accounts (ABM). I don't think it should be a GDPR problem since we just need to track compmanies.


What do you think?




I will address one aspect at a time.

1. User feedback.

Any user who is accountable for multiple products and doesn't find this useful, doesn't understand marketing.  From the response here it appears that Hubspot doesn't either. This feature could be used by all users except those marketing only one product.

2. Usage data.

Usage was very low. Probably because the data is meaningless as it is presented. If Hubspot provided meaningful data about prospects and communicated how the data could help marketing usage would soar.

3. Recent regulations. The GDPR was enforced in the EU starting last week. Under the GDPR, storing IP addresses requires consent. The removed feature didn't play nicely with that requirement. THEN FIX IT.



Hiding this feature from the menu basically guarantees that no new customers will use it, so the low usage rate becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 😠