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Visual notification when others are viewing same ticket in ServiceHub

We want to transition from Zendesk to ServiceHub and noticed that ServiceHub doesn't show when other members of our team are in a ticket like Zendesk does.


This is important because we work tickets as a team (not assigning to an individual until close).


This prevents us from sending duplicate communications to clients or duplicating our efforts.


This is a small but mighty feature/enhancement to ServiceHub @AndyPitre 

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Yes, this has been getting requested for years, under multiple forum and idea threads here. 


The company I'm at was told this would be "coming very soon" when we transitioned to Hubspot Service, with it being implied it was only months away -- but many years later, and there's still nothing of the sort available in the Service Hub for tickets.


A version of this sort of agent-conflict awareness was added to the Hubspot Conversations -- but given that Conversations is more like a cumbersome shared Gmail inbox instead of a proper Zendesk-like ticketing CRM, the decision to only role out this feature on Conversations and not within the actual proper Ticketing system is frustrating. I mean, sure, it'd be nice to have in both areas of the CRM, but Ticketing should've been the priority, IMHO, given how much this is basic, expected, bare-bones functionality for a customer-support ticketing system these days -- almost every other other decent support CRM has already had this feature for a decade.


Anyway, for one of the more active threads on this, see and add a vote there. Fingers crossed this gets attention one day.


We are combining approach of assigning tickets to Team or Person and this feature, to show who is currently working on the ticket will be very helpful.

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If you are using the Conversation Inbox for tickets, it will show you others viewing the ticket in the bar between the message and where you email/comment. It doesn't show anything from the ticket record.