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Video Cover Images in Socials, Not Files and Not "Advanced Features"

Currently, the advanced feature for selecting cover images is limited to 50 videos. Beyond this limit, you need to turn off advanced features for older videos to enable them for newer ones.


This was marked as resolved last year but it's still not fully efficient because this is only able to be done if the video is first uploaded to Files and then selected as a video with "advanced features" to select a limited amount of video image still by the second mark instead of by the frame ability. 


If someone is posting on Socials, we upload the video and it becomes inefficient to not have this fuction of checking out file details from there so we have to save draft and then go to Files and deal with all of that. However, there is even more of a limitation as only 50 videos are able to select cover image at a time, instead of unlimited amount as many other tools in social section, it's a standard we need not for us to have to pay additionally or turn off older videos with advanced features and lose those functions of analaytics and CTAs there. 


Very inefficient and posting on HS becomes slower and redundant, would prefer to post on native but then HS doesn't report those analytics.