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User permission settings for the Line Item editor/Quote tool (not quote templates)

HubSpot admins need to be able to prevent users from accessing the "edit columns" (see below) button while working in the Line Items editor / in the Quote tool.


Currently, users see the button "edit columns" and they are free to take advantage of making the tool suitable for their personal needs. This, in turn, complicates the lives of their colleagues and HubSpot admins. 

As a CRM aimed at scaling businesses & enterprise customers, HubSpot should prioritize such an update with high priority.


Quotes tool - edit columns-1.png


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+1 This is definetely needed in order to have a reliable CPQ tool for Enterprise customers. Each country / Team might have different needs for line item properties, meaning that sales users will always be changing the visible fields on the line item editor. 

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kind of a headache...


@hubspot 🙂