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Unique ID for A/B Website Page Variants

We are trying to A/B test some of our pages, but the reports available in Hubspot are not comprehensive enough for us to draw a conclusion from.


We have a product analytics tool installed on our site that can identify variants of pages using URL query strings, among other identifiers. This allows us to perform path analysis and dive deeper into friction points on our pages etc. For example, we can currently analyse the variations of Google Optimize tests in our product analytics tool, and in our Session recording tool. This is possible because each page variant has a unique ID (or query string) that these tools can read.


My understanding is that there is currently no way to identify the different variations of the pages so we could perform path analysis in an external analytics tool.


When sharing a preview of a page, there is a unique query string attached to the variant's URL:


My request is that this query string could be (optionally) applied to live tests so that other analytics tools could identify the page variants. Ideally, the query string would also be unidentifiable by the page viewer (i.e. not -ab-variant-, but simply 'v-23sdf45wf4' or something similar)

This feature would be great for growth marketers, CRO specialists and website developers. The goal is to allow the user to perform deep analysis using external tools. It means that we don't have to invest in costly A/B tools and can utlise the user-friendly Hubspot page builder to build challenger pages, rather than relying on developer support to hard code changes.


I believe this could be a good point of difference for Hubspot's A/B testing tool to help them take on other service providers.