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Tracking conversions/form submissions pr contact and company

When we report on our marketing efforts in a B2B context a customer journey can take months or years. Thus I would like to be able to see alle the previous conversion of the contact to show a linear attribution model. A last touch converting campaign or original source is very limited. 


A simple solution would be a contact property with a multiselecter that appends form submissions to show which forms have the contact converted on?


A more complex but cooler way would be to create a custom object (Conversion). This allows you to create Conversions and associate them with contact and companies as they happen(this is not possible in workflows right now, so please let us have this). And provide a handy overview over an often complex user journey. 


When we create a deal, we could then automatically copy all conversions to the deal and show that this sale did not happen over night, but over time. 


This would be awesome!