HubSpot Ideas


The Ability To Send Invoices Directly to Clients

It would be great it we could send an invoice directly to clients through hubspot without having to use third party app such as quickbooks (although you can keep the option to require quickbooks if users want to enable it).


If we're already captured a clients payment information through a previous deal, recurring subscription etc it would make sense that we would be able to also send them an invoice directly. Right now I have to connect to Quickbooks Online to be able to send an invoice, and then I have to login to QBO to approve it which creates an extra step. 


It would be great if we could just send an invoice directly in Hubspot. We could create an invoice -> add line items based on products -> add a due date and things like that.


Maybe there could also be user permissions around this. Like who has the ability to send invoices, or invoices have to be approved by someone before being sent out etc.


It you had this feature it would reduce the need for a 3rd party app which would be great and allow for the ability to do full service billing for my clients directly within HubSpot. It's definitely a huge draw back to require the use of a third party app to do something as simple as send and invoice (especially when we can already collect billing information).