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Sync Tasks with Calendar (Google/Outlook)

When I schedule a task (eg call) I'd like a check box to show the task in Google Calendar (like meetings, but without mailing the contact).  

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Kind of crazy Hubspot has no integration with one of the largest mail applications in the world.


This would be very helpful for Outlook as well!


REALLY would love for this to happen - needed by our sales team for sure!


OMG! I can't believe that HubSpot wont allow me to sync my task with nothing!


My request is simpler. When I add a task I want it to appear on my task management app. Wheter is Todoist or Google Task.


Nor Zappier, nor Automate, nor Integromar can do this simple task because HubSpot wont allow task sync.


Please solve this issue.


Best Regards!


Integrate task with calendar (googler or Outlook) and task management apps like Todoist or google task.


Basic function.


I have been able to use a 3rd party tool to get a sync working from Hubspot out to Asana, and I believe it wil work for todoist as well. It's not perfect, as it does not capture all of the task related information like the deal/company record, etc., so you need to account for that when you write your task name/title. But it has been better than nothing. Closing the task in asana/todoist will close out the task in hubspot, but there is not much more to the syncing. 


let me know if this sounds like it would help you and i will find the info to send your way. 


Thanks mattschuh,


Your solution seems great, at least until Hubspot adds a native way to sync task.


Please send me the information related so we can try to implement it on Todoist.


Thanks for your hep! 


Please add this feature to your product, it will help us incredibly using Hubspot as part of the common workflow.


Yes I agree Today our salesreps are expecting that feature as a number one feature from the CRM I'm afraid it could be a dealbreaker for our renewal if this doesn't come up as a new feature soon...


Make it happen! 


Agree 100% this needs to happen... 


I think this would be a huge help! Instead of having to rely on emails to update you.


Simply a must!


Its crazy we can't look at our tasks and meetings in one place easily, this would be a really good feature


Hubspot Review: What is the use of HubSpot CRM if it will not remind you to followup and has an inability to sync with your google calendar (events / tasks / reminders) 

Hubspot seems to have numerous great features but they are all quite useless when the most elementary and obviously import features are missing. 


We are going to be using another application starting May but hope HubSpot steps up their game and hires smarter programers.


An obvious feature that the most elementary CRM should incorporate. More challenging to use HubSpot moving forward because the lack of reminders and calendar syncing within a CRM make the CRM a two step process increasing workload. 


Our sales team has requested this as well.  Would be great to see this happen.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all - Scott from the product team here to provide a quick update. This is absolutely a must-have, and we appreciate all the feedback you’ve shared to help validate that for our team.


That said, it’s going to take some time for us to make the changes required to support this integration. As a first step, we’ve restructured our product and engineering teams. Today, we have an entire team focused on improving the sales rep experience -- cutting out those added steps and inefficiencies many of you have laid out in this thread. One of the first things this team has prioritized is the baseline improvements to tasks that are required before we can successfully build the calendar integration described.


If you’re interested in chatting with us about how you’d expect this sync to work or if you’d like to be kept up to date as we begin work on this feature, please fill out this form.



I have a few ideas of how this might work from a sales perspective. I'd be more than happy to chat with someone to go over some ideas I have. 

Please feel free to reach me at your earliest convenience.

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Add the option to create google calendar events from inside hubspot's contact/company/deal/ticket pages.



Hubspot only has Tasks, not events. Tasks are only good for things like "take out the milk" or "finish this project"

But they are not good for things with set times and planning:

- do X activity from 10:00 to 12:00

- call customer at 11:00

- spend 4 hours answering support


That is why, for these types of activities, we use calendar events with a set start and end time.


  • Once planned, no customer (or team member) will schedule an event for a time already scheduled for something else;
  • No more snowball effects: event have a set time to happen. If they don't happen, they have to be re-scheduled (to a new and available time slot);
  • Tasks could even be converted into events: It is a task while it is 'open', but it is solved through an event. Example: "task to fix code" -> converts into -> "spent 3 hours fixing code".

Why not use Tasks?
With tasks, this does not work. If I set a task to be finished on friday, customers can still schedule meetings with me during my whole friday. Even collegues can set meetings or activities. It is even possible to assing 100 tasks for the same person for the same day. This makes no sense at all and creates "snowball effects" where users have loads of tasks past their due date that simply start piling up.


Current workaround:

At the moment, we create google calendar events for these activities and we manually add a link to the hubspot contact/company/deal/ticket in google. This works, but is a lot of manual work. It would be much easier to be able to do this from within hubspot.

And since hubspot already has a calendar integration for meetings, this integration is already halfway done.