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Support mini TOC in Knowledge Base articles

Please consider adding a form of navigation that allows a user to see all the headings in an article and jump to them. A mini table of contents.


This is to allow the structure of a topic to be clear for all users without having to scroll totally through the article. And avoid the need for the editor to add anchor links at the top of the document.


For a good example of how it could look and work take a look at how a DropBox Paper document functions.

As headings are added to the Paper document a TOC is generated on the left of the page. When the user is not interacting with it there are just subtle indented lines.




When the user interacts with the TOC it becomes a text list of the headings and can be clicked for navigation.




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This is a great idea.


Please upvote this similar idea, so we can get HubSpot to listen: