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Social Media links and internal labels

Hey! Just a suggestion. It would be great to be able to get a link to a particular post on HubSpot. You can get a link while it's in Draft, but once it's been posted it only appears as a pop-up in calendar view. it's helpful if we want to send to people internally directly to a post. Also, it would be helpful to be able to have an internal name for social posts, like you can do emails. 

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Sure, if you're asking about social media links and internal labels for a website or online platform, here's what you might consider:

Social Media Links:

  1. Facebook: Link to your Facebook page where you engage with customers and share updates.
  2. Twitter: Direct users to your Twitter profile for real-time updates and customer interactions.
  3. Instagram: Showcase your products or services visually on Instagram, linking to your profile.
  4. LinkedIn: Connect with professionals and share business-related content by linking to your LinkedIn page.
  5. YouTube: If you have video content, link to your YouTube channel for tutorials, product demos, or vlogs.