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Social Media Calendar

I would like to recommend allowing a thumbnail view of each social post on the calendar view. I think this at a glance feature would allow for easier movement while balancing out social media post for the day, week & month. This is a similar feature available on other social media posting calendar sites like SproutSocial.

Hubspot Social Media Calendar View.png

See Example Below:

Screenshot 2024-02-07 161558.png

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We are in desperate need of this feature. We currently have 4 business units in the same portal. So, we have a ton of social posts and a large team trying to sift through the data. 


I completely agree, or even be able to toggle titles on instead of name of the account we're posting to. This would be an incredibly useful feature that would save us time and fustration when looking at the social calendar. Right now we are also missing when there are new drafts that members of our team have made because they look exactly like all the other posts on the calendar. This is single-handedly driving us away from Hubspot social and back to a seperate system.


This has been the only feature, ive noticed, that is majorly missing compared to other scheduling programs. It's making it near impossible to schedule for different accounts.