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Smart CTA based on page translations (not only browser language)

Hi there,


Ideally, it would be possible to create smart CTAs not only based on list memberships, browser language, etc. but also based on page translation versions.




Page translation version FR-CH > then CTA version FR-CH will be displayed

Page translation verison DE-CH > then CTA version DE-CH will be displayed


Would be a big help for multi-language websites!



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Actually, this is a must-have functionality for "Smart CTAs", otherwise it is not possible to use them because the displayed language for the actual user would be haphazardly. 

HubSpot Employee

Hi Team, while the original function of smart CTA buttons is great if it could be based on page translations that would make it even more user-friendly. Since there are cases where the page translation is different from the browser language, we end up having an odd hybrid of pages. Hope this feature comes soon to fix that!