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Show last submitted form name in contact's left side panel

Given that the last form submission information is saved as a contact activity and not a property, I highly encourage the product team to add this feature, which would be very helpful in lead monitoring. Knowing the time and name of the last form submission and having it easily accessible would greatly increase the satisfaction of the whole team here at Chimara Limited (and beyond, I am certain!

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I agree this would be an amazing addition to the tool! 🔝


Yes this would be an amzing feature add-on:). Well done @GeorgeV !

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Hi @GeorgeV ,


Form submissions are stored in the "Recent Conversion" property in HubSpot. You can use this property to know the date and time of the form submission, along with the form name, by clicking the detail button as shown in the attached screenshot. This property can be added to the contact's left side panel to address your primary concern.

Recent Conversion.jpg


Please do let me know if this solution helps you.




This is needed right away! 


Hello Markestac, thank you very much for your input.

This is a partial workaround, as sometimes it doesn't show the last form submission (but a conversion only)SSsss.pngSSss.png.

In this example, out of many, the contact has submitted the same form two times (at different times) and the "recent conversion" shows only one conversion.