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Set "Amount" property to auto-calculate

I'm pretty sure this is not the correct forum for this request, but no one is acknowledging my post on the Ideas forum, here...


Here's what I wrote:


The HubSpot property called "Amount" is used, by default, in the deal summary section (I don't know the official name for this section)...where it shows the deal description, "Amount", Close Date, Stage, and Pipeline.  I need for the Amount property to be auto-calculated based on my needs.  I created a property called "Total Contract Value", that auto-calculates based on certain deal terms.  This is very specific and helpful, whereas "Amount" is nebulous and general.  Worse, "Amount" requires a manual entry, and the deal summary section cannot be modified (at least, that's what I'm told by HubSpot support).


I'd like to propose that HubSpot either:  a) make the "Amount" property modifiable, so that I can change it to a calculation; or b) make that deal summary section modifiable, so that I can replace "Amount" with a property of my choosing.


Is this possible?  Is there a current way to do this that I'm missing?




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Hey @RArendell , 


I don't think this is the solution you're looking for but nevertheless I wanted to fill you in on two possibilities:


1. In the settings, you can tell HubSpot what the default deal amount should be. TCV is also an option, but I think you need to use the products and quotes accordingly. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 11.22.55.png

2. If you're calculating everything on your own in your own property, you can copy that value to the amount property with a workflow


Changing the properties that are shown in the top-right corner under the deal name is not possible, unfortunately. 


Hope this helps.





I appreciate your reply, Chriso.  I figured that was my best option.  Not what I ultimately want, but a workflow will have to do.  Thank you for your response.