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Sequences >> increase limit of emails per sequence

The 5 emails per sequence restriction creates inordinate needless extra work for me and my team and should be lifted altogether:


  • Many times I need or want to communicate with a prospect more than 5 times to achieve my goals. Rather than being  able to do that in one simple step (one sequence), I'm forced to create multiple sequences, remember to enroll a contact in the next sequence after a prior sequence has terminated, etc. It's a goat rope. 
  • Lost opportunities/business - it's very easy to lose track of contacts who we expect will need more nurturing than just one sequence. Not only because it's a huge time suck for me and my team, but also because the HubSpot tools aren't well equipped to help us track these folks and enroll them in the next sequence.
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September 15, 2020 10:49 AM

Hi Community, 


With the addition of the new `Email` steps in sequences (also referred to as Manual emails), users can now build sequences with an unlimited number of emails. This means that when crafting and executing a sequence, processes can be built to make sure the appropriate number of email steps are carried out before giving up on a contact. If a planned outreach process requires 6 or more emails, you'll no longer need to divide this process out into two seperare sequences. 


Sequences will still have a limit of 5 automated emails added to a sequence. While we believe that some sales processes require more than 5 email steps, we also believe that 1:1 email automation requires a degree of personalization and mindfulness when reaching out, especially as email volume increases beyond the first 5 unanswered emails. With the new 'Email' step it's now possible to personalize each email template on the day they send, powered by Sequences automation.

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January 22, 2020 11:22 AM

Hi Community!

We are in the process of creating a new sequence email send type to allow for "Manual Emails". With this release, we will remove the limit for emails in s sequence. There will still be a limit of 5 "automated emails" per sequence.


With this release we are also be including native LinkedIn InMail messages into sequences. 





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Hi there!


It would be great if we coud add more emails to the sequences, at least one more.








I would even ask for sequences in which we could have 'til 10 templates. 

By experience, when it comes to cold contact, most of the answers occurs between the 5th and the 10th email.


It confirms the KPIs from the National Sales Executive Association I have attached to this email. These are very famous and are often displayed in sales office. I am surprised Hubspot is not aware of that.

A solution could be to automatically launch a second sequence if the first one has no answer, but according to the support team it's not possible... It could be a dealbreaker for us.





 I agree, thanks for your comment Axel!

HubSpot Product Team

Hey @Micael this is not currently planned. However users can still vote for this idea, and any changes to pricing and packaging for HubSpot's free and paid tools will be posted here. 


We want this too... we don't want to do maybe 6, 7 or 8 emails and making 5 work for the moment


hi there, 

wondering if there are any plans to extend the current limit of 5 emails in a sequence? 

could really use this capability. 5 emails isnt enough for us, so we are currently breaking into 2 sequences, which involves a lot of manual processing in between 


 any resolution here on extending the limit of 5? we desperately need this! 


statistics and my own experience have shown that 7 or more emails are needed to get a response. 5 isn't enough. 


Definitely need the limit extended to 10


Yeppers. We need more than 5 emails per sequence to make a real impact. Studies have proven that 7 emails is a minimum of a nurture campaign to get a prospect to reply. I've heard of people using 12 or even 15 emails before getting a response.


In fact, a friend that recently took his bootstrapped company past the $10m ARR mark regularly tells a story of sending 20 emails to a prospect before signing them up for a 3 year deal for $1.2m total deal value.


+1 please!


We need at least 10 emails in our reach out, 10 MINIMUM. In our experience, follow up is KEY... lots of follow up.  If sequences only automates 5 follow up emails, that makes Sequences in Hubspot pretty much useless for us 😞 Would LOVE to see more so we can stop using 3+ different programs to manage our marketing and sales 🙂


This is ridiculous. I'm becoming less impressed with Hubspot by the minute and I've been in my account for less than an hour 😕 This on top of many other major and minor shortcomings....mind blowing coming from a "marketing automation" company.


Desperately want this feature -- this is a MAJOR restriction currently, the only way around it is to create multiple sequences and then a task to add them to the next sequence.  


 Agreed!  Having to manually put them into a second sequence is very laborious.  5 emails is not enough.


I'm really curious why it's limited to 5. These should be unlimited in my opinion or at least set to fairly high number. Sequences can be used for a lot of things including customer onboarding where you are sending bits of information over time and then other info including requesting feedback. 


A nurture campaign of 7 is the optimal number.  I'm trying to add 7.  Please activate this feature.


All the studies from Gong and Outreach etc say it takes 5-8 emails to get a response from prospects, so it makes sense to be able to do more than 5 emails in a sequence through Hubspot


Please adjust limitation of number of templates in a sequences. Most prospects wont even engage until 7+ outreaches. I am stunned this is a limitation of HubSpot as sales thought leaders. 


The sequence limit seems to indicate that Hubspot doesn't understand the very problem it's supposed to be helping users to solve.  Studies show that it can take 12 emails or more to get a reply. Hubspot's 5 template limit on sequences may have worked before you went into business, but it doesn't work today! I had been promoting HS to clients for its sequencing features - but since I discovered this limit we are having to look at alternative solutions. Out of respect to Hubspot, I won't list those alternatives here.