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Saving Client Payment Information

  • Who (what type of role or team) is the feature for?
    • This feature would be most usefull in accounting and billing envirnments where you need to process a-la-carte or delayed-start payments.
  • What is their goal?
    • The goal is to provide a more seamless way to process customer payments for smaller authorized orders without the customer needing to complete a payment link.
    • For signed contracts that don't have a specific start date and you need to manually begin charging.
  • What value will this add?
    • This offers a greater ease of ordering for customers - some may authorize a payment over email or a recorded call.
    • Billing departments have more flexibility for signed agreements with delayed start dates that are variable.
  • Are there examples of other places or products who have this feature?
    • We currently use quickbooks and it allows to save ACH and Credit Card information.
    • PaySimple did similar but we no longer use it.
  • Screenshots, pictures, drawings, process diagrams, are helpful.
    • From Quickbooks:
    • Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 4.52.18 PM.png