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Sales Calendar within HubSpot

It would be very useful if there was a calendar related to Sales Hub within HubSpot itself. Something similar to the Marketing > Campaigns calendar but to show meetings for anything assigned to one specific owner, company, or team.


  1. Who for - Sales team
  2. What goal - See in an monthly overview meetings with any one contact, company, deal, etc.
  3. What value - allow team to get a quick summary of sales efforts overall for any given week or month in a more organized view
  4. Example - within Hubspot Marketing campaigns
  5. Something similar to this:
  6.  kgallishen_0-1674594838900.png


If something like this already exists for sales, I was not able to find it--it would be a highly useful feature to have. Thank you.

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This could be very useful to team managers when they want to look at the workload and resource across a team.