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SLA should be status aware

We have an automation that flags when the SLA for a support ticket (Helpdesk) is overdue.

This is currently not status aware, i.e. when I have a ticket that is waiting for a customer response or "will be open for a while" (e.g., feature requests / bug tickets that are being worked on), the SLA will be overdue even though it is "ok" that we did not send another reply yet.

It would be great if the configuration could be aware of the status a ticket is in.

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An addition to the above (we're colleagues): We use the new SLA feature for this, which flags the tickets as overdue. It seems to consider only who sent the last email. Sometimes customers send a reply like "ok, thanks, I'll look into that" where it doesn't make sense for us to reply to, so we directly move the ticket to "waiting on customer". The SLA does not seem to consider that state though, and marks the ticket as overdue, because the last email "did not get a response" in time. This messes causes false positive warnings about overdue tickets and messes up our SLA statistics. A fix would be highly appreciated!


I think this would make SLAs a lot more useful and accurate, especially if the SLA you track is not just the first response SLA. Additionally, I think it would be useful if SLAs could be updated based on different responses (e.g. if we place a call). I believe at the moment the SLA continues running even when we wait for an update from the user after a call we had with them.