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Request to remove Hubspot's 24-hour time zone scheduling limitation

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, where speed and precision are paramount, email marketing plays a crucial role in engaging with customers. However, for those of us relying on HubSpot as our go-to email marketing service, a frustrating obstacle stands in the way – the 24-hour sending rule. This rule requires marketing teams to schedule emails with local time zone sends at least a day in advance, hindering the ability to deliver messages at specific times to target audiences across different time zones.


This is frustrating because the essence of effective email marketing lies in delivering messages to recipients at the right time, maximizing engagement and conversion rates. Unfortunately, HubSpot's 24-hour sending rule adds an unnecessary layer of complexity to this process. Marketing teams are required to plan and schedule emails a day in advance to ensure timely delivery, limiting their ability to respond swiftly to changing circumstances or capitalize on real-time opportunities.


Our marketing operations are often hindered by HubSpot's rigid sending rule, preventing us from seizing spontaneous opportunities or adjusting campaigns based on real-time data. This inflexibility not only impedes our ability to stay ahead of competitors but also hampers our responsiveness to the ever-evolving needs and behaviors of our target audience.


Many alternative email marketing platforms, including Klaviyo, have recognized the importance of immediate responsiveness in the digital landscape. Klaviyo, for instance, allows marketers to send emails immediately to recipients in time zones where the designated send time has already passed. This feature not only enhances the precision of our campaigns but also provides the agility needed to navigate the complexities of modern marketing.


Given the advancements in technology and the capabilities of modern email marketing platforms, HubSpot's 24-hour sending rule appears increasingly nonsensical. In a world where instantaneous communication is the norm, the inability to send an email promptly to a specific audience undermines the very purpose of an email marketing service. It's time for HubSpot to reevaluate its approach and align its features with the evolving needs of marketers.


In conclusion, we are urging HubSpot to reconsider its 24-hour sending rule and embrace a more flexible and responsive approach to email marketing. By removing this arbitrary constraint, HubSpot can empower marketing teams to operate with the agility necessary to thrive in today's competitive landscape. As loyal users, we believe that HubSpot has the potential to be a strong competitor in the email marketing industry by prioritizing user-friendly features that truly enhance the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.

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Excellent idea!


Being able to pivot and schedule emails to deliver within 24 hours, while accounting for time zones that have already passed, would improve the email scheduling experience for global companies serving customers in multiple time zones.


This is especially important for trending topics and time-sensitive communications that can't be planned in advance.