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Request for updates to HubSpot Academy "My Team" page - Export Certifications & Update UI?

Aloha HubSpot,


I'd love to see some quality-of-life improvements made to HubSpot Academy's My Team tab. 


Providing a space for Admins/Managers to track team members and the certifications they've received is definitely needed. Especially as HubSpot pushes partners for accreditation, involving the completion of these trainings. The ability to track who has what certification easily is essential. 


When viewing the My Team tab, the circle Awards represent training and the status of their completion for each team member. Unless I'm confused, these badges don't represent all the training's or tracks availible in the academy? It's perhaps highlighting those that HubSpot has determined to be most important or relevant?

It's only possible to see which training a specific team member has completed by mousing over the Award badge, so a pop-up displays the name. 


Simply adding in the name of each Award's name just below the award itself would be helpful.  It would be even better if it was possible to see the expiration date's of these awards as well from this page. 

For a full gold star, could you make it possible to export a CSV (or similar) of each team member and their completed training/certifications? Free 6 pack if this can also include a column which includes the Expiration Date of the certification. Something like the following: (the format could be whatever is possible but that's the data I'd like to see) 



Thanks for all the work you do, Academy Team! 




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Hi @CivilianAmelia love this idea!


There's a similar idea for certification reporting that you might also want to upvote.


p.s. the circles on My Team should show all available certifications, there is an awkward horizontal scroll bar you can use, but more noteable is that they aren't in any logical order so it is hard to guage whether they are all there or not.