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Removing HTML language from meeting description in Custom Report

I have come across various cases that when a customer creates a Custom Report that includes the properties "meeting description" or "notes", the report shows the HTML value for those properties instead of the actual text that was input in the app for the properties.


At the moment, it looks like this is expected behavior but I can appreciate the value it would create for users by having the prorperties show the actual values instead of HTML language. Is it possible to include it in the product scope for advancements ? 

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Would love to know if there are updates for this idea!


Hi there,


I do not know if this is intended or just a bug, but we have generated a Dashboard where we show the "Note Body" property in the "Table Type" of Report, as showed in this image:



As it shows, html coding like "<p><span data-at-mention..." is showing, and this is quite uncomfortable when we want to see which are the latests notes that have been generated in this report.


I would suggest that the note body would only show plain text if possible.



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Hi @Aimartinez14 , thank you for your post!


I researched the internal resources and found that this is currently working as expected.

For context, the "Notes" field is a rich text field that can include pictures, lists, arbitrarily long text, etc., and it's all stored as HTML on the backend of the platfotm. In the rest of the app, wherever the notes are displayed, the HTML is rendered and the user sees a list, an image, etc. However, within the reports, we do not render HTML and instead fall back to just displaying the raw code like we are currently seeing here. 


This behaviour has been raised by other users as well and it's been highlighted to our product team. However, I did not find a related idea post, therefore, I'm moving this thread to from the Community Forum to the Ideas Forum so that other users can vote on and comment on this particular matter. As a result, it will help the team better prioritize features that are having the greatest impact on our users.


I hope this clarifies!


me too ... so exhausted


Not sure how or why this as expected behavior is acceptable.  Who wants to receive HTML in their notes when it's supposed to show as a string?  This is creating yet another barrier between my ability to make HubSpot our central platform and sales team adoption as they can't rely on hubspot for reporting and it forces a duplication of efforts.


It didnt use to be like this. Since some months, I have the same problem in my reports. Would appreciate if this is being changed.


I'm trying to make a report from notes we added to our company record. It would be great if we could remove the HTML tags from the report so we just see the rich text or first 200 characters or something from the note body.Report.PNGNote Body.PNG


Agreed, removing the HTML tags is a needed update!


I thought I was doing something wrong.  Glad (not glad) to know its just a bug.


Can we get this prioritized HubSpot?  Seems like a simple bug fix.


This please! 


100% Agree - it's foolish that this is still an issue!


Agreed, please fix this issue 😀


Please! I'm using meetings/notes across many companies and need to scale. I can't keep clicking into records one by one to get my aggregate view of activities complete with their details. 


Come on Hubspot, it's been nearly a year for this bug fix. We use reports to inform clients of our work, we can't send them with HTML tags in.


Yes please remove HTML tags as it clogs up our reporting!!


Agree, this would ease our reporting out of Hubspot

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It would be great to see this updated and show other meeting properties like Team Meeting notes in reports


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Agreed, removing the HTML tags is a needed update!

In my company we often have several colleagues attending a meeting with a customer and since a person cannot be at two places at the same time I want to give those that participates in a meeting not matter if they are the organizer or not, the credit.