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Recover My Google Account

Recover your Google account using the Google account recovery page

You don't understand the value of something until it's over. The same is the case with the Google account. Gmail is that Google service that many users use and if it supposedly stops working or the account is deleted, we panic. Because we receive many important emails from our customers regarding our business on a daily basis, if they are deleted we may get lost. Google account recovery is therefore very important for all users as it protects them from loss. However, if you want to get your Google account back, you need to follow these steps. The steps you need to follow are mentioned below.

Recover Google Account

Let's develop the Google account recovery and this is using the Gmail website:

o The first step is to go to the Google account recovery page in a web browser. Fill in the email or phone number and click next.

o Click I forgot my password below the password field.

o Fill in the last password you remember and click next. If you don't remember the last password, you can try a different question at the bottom. Keep clicking try a different question until you find the one you can answer, and then click next.

o Follow the onscreen instructions below:

o Enter an email that can be consulted immediately.

o Confirm a text message to the phone number associated with your Gmail account.

o Confirm the email of your recovery if you have configured it.

o Confirm the message to the email associated with your Gmail account.

o Open the corresponding text message or email from Google.

o Then fill in the verification code in the message in the field on the screen.

o Enter the new password and confirm it in the field labeled and then click change password.

Click continue now that your password has been recovered, you can log into Gmail with it. In case you are unable to enter the old password or you are asked to briefly tell us why you are unable to access your account, please enter the reason and click submit. Google will contact you within 3-5 business days.

Google Account Recovery for Android

o Now entering the topic Google Account Recovery for Android, the steps you must follow for the recovery process are:

o Open a web browser on your Android to recover your Google account. You have three weeks to recover your Google account. Otherwise, you will lose your account permanently.

o Go to the Google recovery page after logging into your Google account.

o Enter the email address and touch Next. This should be the email address that you delete.

o Then, you should tap on "Try to restore your account".

o Enter the account password and touch next. Once the password is accepted, you will see the confirmation message informing you that the account was "Not Deleted".

o Touch continue. After tapping Continue, your previously deleted Google account will be signed in.

You can follow these above-mentioned steps if you are looking for the Google account recovery procedure.

Google account recovery date of birth

Recover Google account using date of birth!

o From your web browser, go to the Google account recovery page.

o Enter the username you want to recover and then tap "Next".

o When displaying the recovery options, select "Try another method" at the bottom.

o And select the option of recovery by security question. When the date of birth question is displayed in front of you, answer the same and then create a new password when Google prompts for it.

o In the event that the user cannot regain access, they can contact Google account recovery professionals.