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Re-Enrolling to subscription seems way to complicated

Hallo dev-crew, 


during cesting some forms and workflows  i stumbled upon an quite inconvinient mechanism around the Implementation of GDPR or (EU-DSGVO here in Germany)



We want to use an form which sets the subscription and triggers a workflow in which an e-mail with an whitepaper is  send out. A quite simple thing but then I whanted to test the whole thing.. 

For testing forms & workflows I use one test-contact in which I delete the Permissions/DOI-Stutus and so on so I can test it as a "new" contact. So I filld the form checked the subscription checkbox, got the DOI-mail and clicked on confirmation..


The error

The  workflow triggerd and I got an error, because "the subscription has been removed" and the mail could not be send.. So I wonder why. Why does the newly filled form with exact same e-mail not trigger the subscription to be set? Later-on I talked to the Support (very cool guy called Philip)  and he said, this is intended to work this way. an reenrolling to a is only possible via the "unsubscribe" link and NOT via refilling a form. Does this make any sense? Does anyone store all the e-mails? Does It mean, that as long a an unsubscribed person does not have the correct Link he/she will never be abled to resubscribe? Is it so uncommon, that a person resubscribes after have deleted subscription? 



IMHO there should be an machanism that  sends out New DOIish mail to ensure that this really is the subscriber, and when the link is clicked the subscription can be re-set. and thats all.


Greetings from Germany