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Quote Approval - Multiple Approvers

We love the new Quote Approval function, but would like to be able to have more than a single approver.  There are several reasons why:


1) If the approver is out for an extended time, it would be important for them to easily be able to delegate approval to someone else in their absence so we don't end up with delays in our sales process.


2) We would like our quotes to go through an engineering review and approval before going to Sales approval, given the complexity of our solutions.


3) There are certain approvals that may need to trigger CEO approval based on whether we are recommending an aggressive pricing approach to compete on an opportunity.  We would like that option in our workflows.

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Re: Quote Approval - Multiple Approvers
August 30, 2022 12:14 PM

Hey folks - Ethan here, product manager for the Product Library and Quotes. Apologies for the missed quarter of updates. I want to let you know that this feature is not on our roadmap for this quarter (Q3, 2022). But, I did want to call attention to the fact that you can edit Quote workflows, including the Quote approval workflows, to add in conditionals or adjust the approver there. 


As a sidenote, I'll be updating the top Ideas associated with Products and Line Items ~once per quarter going forward. I will include (1) whether or not a feature is on the roadmap for that quarter or not and (2) what our rollout plan for that feature is (e.g. will there be a beta or not). If you have feedback about additional information I could include in these updates, drop a note here. If I see a theme, I'll adjust my updates to address that.


I won't be doing this for every idea, but most ideas above 100 kudos will get this treatment. Previously, I had been trying to do it for ideas greater than 25 upvotes, but unfortunately the volume is too high to be practical.

Re: Quote Approval - Multiple Approvers
September 09, 2021 10:27 AM

Hey folks - Ethan Kopit here, the product manager of HubSpot Quotes. I wanted to drop in to give you some updates. Making quote approvals more robust is top of mind for us. Right now, our team is focused on making quote templates more customizable, which is why you haven't seen more movement on quote approval changes. I will continue to update this thread as we make progress. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

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December 02, 2020 02:29 PM

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We agree - our complex solutions would require multiple approvers from across the organisation so this would be a feature we would love to have.


I really love HubSpot but can't believe that you can only have a single quote approver.


We're an international company with multiple sales departments across the globe. Relying on a single person to approve quotes for every single salesperson worldwide is such a huge flaw for an otherwise brilliant product.


This would be very useful to have the ability to have multiple approvers. It would be even better if the approver could be triggered of something specific - a property or a pipeline.


I have multiple departments where having one approver would not work because the departments do not overlap.


Absolutely agree! Especially with deligation!


Absolutely agree! We have operations in 4 countries and we need that the approver of each country be different.


Thsi doesn't seem like it would be difficult to implement from a product perspective. Can we get feedback from anyone on the HubSpot team?

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Agree.  Typically companies have primary and back-up approvers.  Current work-around is a pain, almost tempted to just turn off the quote approval workflow when the primary approver is OOO.


This would be very beneficial to our company too - please could this functionality be added soon!


I just had a thought for a workflow:


Once Quote status is "Approved" send internal email to contracting team.






Our solutions are complex and need reviewing from a commercial and technical perspective.


Ideally, we'd have a quote approved from the technical team first to check that the quote is accurate before going to an overall approver that looks at the commercials alongside the already approved technical information.


Outside of this, it's not robust enough to only have one approver (holidays, sickness, workload etc) across the board.


The functionality is a bit too basic as it stands.


Yes - please add or at least allow a set of permissions to assing to a ROLE that would allow the approval of quote.  Even an Admin cant go an approve a quote.     We can't have all sales, deals, marketing activity halt and wait on ONE person who might be unvailable to respond.     


Yes, please add this. Seems simple enough.        We can create a workflow to notify the people we want (who would have that set of permissions enabled).




Yes I agree, we need this feature. Our quotes are approved by regional managers — need to be able to set approver based on Hubspot team.  Can't believe this isn't a feature yet.


What if ONE approver is out of the office!   Approval needs at least a redundancy person(s).  Please add.


I couldn't agree more @ingramleedy unfortunately, there is no way to do this currently. I've just adjusted the approver based on PTO.


- BC


We are implementing HubSpot right now and really need this functionality. The workload is too high for 1 person our pricing team has SLAs to hold with the sales team. Having 1 approver makes us have to work outside the system for this functionality.


And for any global teams like ours, it can really cause delays to have one approver.

HubSpot Product Team

@ethankopit when will this be added? Can you give us an update?


Our company would also be grateful of criteria for each approval: 

for example - only approved/goes to a different approver if it's over a certain amount, or if it is not standard pricing. Does anyone else have the same need? Please upvote if so!!




Adding to this idea, it would also be great if the Approver didn't require a sales enterprise license to approve. Use Case: our Finance team currently approves quotes. The Finance team doesn't require any of the other features the sales enterprise license enables.


We also would pay to upgrade to Sales Professional and use the Quotes in HubSpot (currently using PandaDoc) if:


1) HubSpot allowed multiple quote approvers - we have technical teams that need to approve before the quote is released to the customer.

2) We only required  the Professional and not Enterprise license.